Vacation, it’s why we work.

You work hard. You save money. And you want to enjoy a memorable escape.

A Captivating Escape, to be exact.

Some say that good is the enemy of great. Travel too has it’s opportunity costs. The difference between a four star beach front property with a garden view and an ocean view can make an entire vacation. Sometimes private transfers for the family instead of cramming all your luggage into an economy rental car can keep smiles on everyone’s face.

Spending more is not always the answer, but knowing when and how to pamper yourself on your hard earned time away can be priceless.

You know who catches the worm!

Procrastination haunts us all and often it’s not a problem, but when it comes to travel it is the early bird that catches the worm.

Airfares rise as inventory shrinks. Same with hotels, and both can sell out. Too often clients call two to four weeks before Christmas break asking about a trip to a popular sunny locale. Unfortunately, options are limited, prices are high, and flights are hard to find. Sure, great vacations can still be had, but for those that want to save money and have piece of mind, planning ahead is always a good idea. The more lead time, the more options and most often more savings.

A good rule of thumb is six months to a year in advance for planning peak travel times. Southwest releases schedules six months in advance but most airlines can be booked a year or more ahead of time.

Give yourself peace of mind and save some money by planning ahead. And don’t forget about the time it takes to solidify your plans.